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Since my last post ….

December 22, 2014

Sorry to readers who have been following my Ten Zen Book Blog, as you can see I have not written on here for a very long time.

I now blog on Psychology Today and recently wrote about a retreat I attended on the topic of the jhanas – a series of eight increasingly absorbed states that are reached through concentration.

You can read about it here:

Chapter 2 What was I conscious of a moment ago ?

January 28, 2009

My first question “Am I conscious now?” was hard enough. The answer seemed easy at first – “yes, yes, of course I’m conscious now.” But gradually that certainty began to shimmer and dissolve as I realised that whenever I asked the question I seemed to be waking up – but from what? Was I unconscious a moment before I asked? Surely not. I must have been conscious of something mustn’t I?

Thus was the question born “What was I conscious of a moment ago?”

Try it for yourself. First ask “Am I conscious now?”, then just glance back and see if you know what you were conscious of a moment ago.

Once you’ve had a few tries – or lots of tries – you can listen to me talking briefly about the question, or read excerpts from Chapter 2 of the book Ten Zen Questions.


Please tell us how you got on.