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Chapter 4 Where is this?

March 27, 2009

Where is this?


Ten Zen Questions is just out. I’m really pleased with how the book looks, and hope you readers are too. There’s a fun review in the Guardian, and I’ll post others as they come in at reviews.

Now to the fourth question. You will recall that I ended the previous question, Who is Asking the Question? with no satisfactory answer. Yet the process of asking such a self-referential and difficult question led to some wonderful experiences – polishing a set of bells with no sense of anyone polishing was something special, but … the question was still there.

By contrast, question 4 looks a little easier. Where is this?


I suggest that you take a little time to sit and calm your mind, and then have a go at the question yourself. What ‘this’ will you choose? Isn’t the answer obvious? When you’ve had a go the question, read chapter 4 and see what you think of my attempts.

I’m really enjoying the discussion that is going on here, so I look forward to more comments.