Another 10 Zen blog?

It’s nearly time to post Chapter 3 andĀ delve into another tricky question, but meantime here’s a simpler question for you all.

I have been invited by Psychology Today to join their bloggers and run a blog on 10ZQ, much like this one. My question is this … if I agree (and it seems like a good idea so far) should I keep this one going for all of you who have been joining in, to keep it small and intense, or should I shift wholesale over to Psychology Today? Would you follow if I did?

If you look at their site you will see it’s full of adverts, and has lots of alternative therapy threads, but it’s lively and attracts lots of people interested in psychology.

Let me know what you think. I’m happy to keep this more private one going if people would like it. Over to you.


6 Responses to “Another 10 Zen blog?”

  1. sgthomas601 Says:

    I say go for it, but keep both going at the same time for a while to see how it goes.

    Exposing the issues raised by a first-person exploration of consciousness could benefit from being exposed to a wider audience. From my initial look at the PT sight, you could have a very varied audience!

    One advantage of having the 10QZ blog on your site is that anyone who visits it is likely to be familiar with your work on consciousness and memes, and is therefore very likely to be interested in the kind of inner voyages your new book explores.

    I notice that PT has placed you in their Spirituality Blogs list. Like Sam Harris in the last chapter of his book The End of Faith, words like ‘spirituality’ or ‘mystical’ carry a lot of baggage, but there seems to be no other word in the English language that quite fits what the kind of inner explorations that you and Buddhism for example carry out.

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. jameshegarty Says:

    Naw. Keep this one going if you do the psychology today thing.

  3. banoffi Says:

    I agree. This blog has better pictures!

  4. banoffi Says:

    Err, picture.

  5. ealg Says:

    I think this blog has a better, more neutral feel for posting than the other site.
    Sorry if that means extra work!

  6. tenzenbookblog Says:

    Thanks for the responses. So I’ll keep this one going as well for now.
    Chapgter 3 very soon.

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